Dozens of dogs taken from hoarder in southwest Missouri

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ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Humane Society is now taking care of more than two dozen dogs found in a hoarder’s house in Newton County, Missouri.

Officials say it's some of the worst abuse they've ever seen.

The Humane Society's Animal Cruelty Task Force is based in St. Louis, but it does work all across the state.

The dogs, 20 adults and 6 puppies, had a long ride from Seneca, Missouri which is on the Oklahoma state line near Joplin.

But now these dogs have a chance to make it into loving homes in the Gateway City.

A homeowner in Seneca, Missouri finally agreed to part ways with the pups after a visit from the humane society's animal cruelty task force.

Mike Perkins and his team wore respirators, suits and boots when they entered the boarded-up home.

Perkins says he feels for the people in this case as well as the dogs.

Perkins says it was apparent the homeowner was a hoarder.

Investigators aren't able to trace how each of these canines got cooped up in that house.

Each dog got a check-up Tuesday as they entered what Perkins hopes is their temporary home.

Many of the dogs have behavioral issues the staff will have to work with in the coming weeks.

Investigating these cases can be dirty work, but Perkins says the rougher the work is, the higher the reward.

The Humane Society says it is working with Seneca police and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to get help for the homeowner who kept all of these dogs.

But investigators are keeping documentation of what they've seen, and are planning to forward that information to the newton county prosecutor.