St. Louis family horrified over mother being buried in the wrong spot

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PAGEDALE, MO – A St. Louis family is outraged after their 78-year-old mother, Vanessa Brame was buried in the wrong resting place at the Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens located on 20000 Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Louis. They say mistakes like this only adds to the anguish a family goes through when they lose a love one, “I don’t think no one should have to go through what we are going through,” said Dardeeda Henry, Brame’s daughter.

Henry says she never would have dreamed her mother would be buried in the wrong place.

Her headstone was marked with her name and Brame's spot was reserved for her years ago.  She was to be buried above her husband.  “I immediately went to the office and told them.  They told me it was a mistake that they made,” said Henry.

Brame was laid to rest July 31 of this year.  In August, Henry went to visit her grave site, only to discover she was not there.  A pile of dirt was dug about a foot or so next to her headstone.  “If we hadn’t come out here, this would have been an unmarked grave.” Said Henry.

The cemetery spokesperson refused to do an on-camera interview, but our news crew was there when the family came out of the office trying to make sense of what exactly happened.  The spokesperson refused to say who was at fault for the mistake, but said the situation will be corrected. “They got to dig her back up.  She's not even in her final resting place, “said Henry.

The cemetery says they are going to correct the situation Thursday when they remove Brame's body from the wrong location and put her on top of her husband's grave.