Krewson and Reed at odds over getting money from state for housing prisoners

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ST. LOUIS - The city is pushing to get millions of dollars from the state in underpayment for jail inmates.

The Krewson administration talks to Elliott Davis for the first time on camera since we broke the story of the efforts by the Aldermanic President Lewis Reed.

Reed says the state owes the city upwards of $20 million dollars because it's paying a lot less than it should to house state prisoners at the downtown Justice Center and the city’s Medium Security Institution.

These are prisoners awaiting trial on state charges or waiting to be sent to state prison.

Reed sent a letter to Governor Greitens asking him to pave the way for the city to start recovering that money.

But the Krewson administration is apparently looking at a different approach.

They don't want to let millions get away but also don't want to start a war with the state.

They hope to negotiate a better deal going forward.

No word yet on whether Lewis Reed has heard back from Governor Greitens.