Recall of solar glasses has people wondering if their glasses are safe

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The recent recall of some solar eclipse viewing glasses has some people wondering whether their glasses are safe.  Don Ficken is the chairman of the St. Louis Eclipse Task Force.  He said Amazon recently recalled some glasses because the company was unable to verify where they were made.  Ficken suggests buying directly from a manufacturer.

“Otherwise you really don’t know if they’re safe,“ said Ficken.  The task force is in the process of distributing 160,000 glasses to area schools.  Ficken said Master Card donated 50,000 of the glasses.  He encourages everyone to make their plans now for the August 21st  total solar eclipse.

“It’s spectacular to look at,” said Ficken.  “It’s like going to northern lights on steroids. It’s just wonderful the types of things you’ll be able to see.”

There are other methods for viewing the history making event without looking directly into the sun.  One method is making a pinhole projector.  Ficken covered one end of a cardboard box with foil and poked a pin hole in the foil.   The projected image of the sun shows up on the other end of the box.

Ficken also held a cracker over piece of paper.  The holes in the cracker allowed the images of the sun to show through on the paper.

“So, it’s something children can do that anyone can really do and you get to eat the thing when you’re done,” said Ficken.

He encourages anyone interested in the total solar eclipse to make plans now.