St. Louis Church holds prayer service for police

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ST. LOUIS - A south St. Louis church invited law enforcement officers from across the City of St. Louis to their sanctuary in show of appreciation.

The service comes on the heels of the recent violence against police across the county. “In the wake of everything going on surrounding police officers, I think the community must start reaching out to law enforcement in different way.” said Pastor Kenneth Robison.

The service at The Rock Church of St. Louis included songs of praise and prayer.

St. Louis City police officers were the invited guests.

The church wanted to find a way to honor the people who risk their lives everyday keeping the community safe.  ”The purpose of this service is for police officers who are truly peace makers,” said Kathy Bond.

Pastor Kenneth Robinson says his congregation wanted the first responded to know how much they are appreciated and valued,” it's not in a way to correct them, it’s not in a way to do anything but to encourage them and let them know they have people standing behind them.

Pastor Robinson also focused on fairness, respect and dignity and says the cooperation of the community police can get the job done.