Days before the big event, customers flood stores to purchase eclipse glasses

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LADUE, MO  -Interest in the upcoming solar eclipse is sky-high, and so is demand for the glasses needed to view the big event. Many stores are doing what they can to keep up with the frenzy of customers ordering the special eyewear.

Ladue Pharmacy on Clayton Road is expecting another shipment of 1,000 pairs of eclipse glasses, after selling out last week.

“Some people are ordering one. Some people are ordering twenty for their whole group,” Ladue Pharmacy owner Rick Williams said. “It wasn’t until the orders started coming in that I realized how special the event was. And how people were so interested in it. Obviously, being in this area, has made it that much more of an interest.”

Safety is not a matter to take be lightly for the August 21 event. Doctors warn that exposing the eye to the sun for even a few seconds during the eclipse could mean permanent damage.

Some vendors have been forced to recall eclipse glasses because the items were not properly certified.

Williams said the sunglasses sold at Ladue Pharmacy are ISO certified, meaning that they have the official stamp designating they are safe for the event.

“We have the right ones,” he said.

Customers say it is worth the wait, as the next shipment of eclipse eyeglasses arrives in the next day or two.

The store is taking orders from customers for the $1.59 item.

“Oh, it’s like a frenzy. It has been. It’s been nuts,” Debi O’Neill, a buyer for Ladue Pharmacy, said.

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