SIUE student body president stands in support of students at the University of Virginia

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL – University student body presidents from around the country put out a statement in support of the student body at the University of Virginia.

On Friday night about 100 people carrying tiki torches, giving Nazi salutes and chanting slogans like ‘white lives matter’ marched through the middle of campus at the University of Virginia.

Ramon DeShazer is the student body president at SIUE.  In a group chat with other student body presidents, DeShazer and others, decided to put out a statement in support of the University of Virginia.

The statement reads, in part, ‘We are united with the students of the University of Virginia as what affects one of our campuses affects us all.’

Originally 50 student body presidents signed the statement. That is now up to 115 including the presidents from the University of Missouri and SLU.

As Student Body Presidents across the United States, we are deeply saddened by the events that have occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are united with the students of the University of Virginia, as what affects one of our campuses affects us all. College campuses are spaces that students should be able to call home, not places of violence, hate, and racism. Students should always feel welcome and safe at our incredible higher education institutions, never having to fear for their personal well-being. As the voice of our students, we collectively call on one another to speak up in the face of injustice, as silence reduces us to bystanders in oppression. This is a statement to not only support the Student Body at the University of Virginia but to make clear our advocacy for the victimized and marginalized students on all our campuses. We will continue to support students and universities in their peaceful resistance to violence, racism, white supremacy, bigotry, and acts of terrorism on our own campuses and beyond. If the students of the University of Virginia or the citizens of Charlottesville need any assistance, please know you have a network of universities that supports you.

In Solidarity,

Jared Hunter | University of Alabama | Alabama
Mugdha Mokashi | University of Alabama at Birmingham | Alabama Reid Wilson | University of Alabama in Huntsville | Alabama
Carl Thomas | University of South Alabama | Alabama
Brian Gregory | University of Arkansas at Little Rock | Arkansas Hershila Lallu | University of Central Arkansas | Arkansas
Zaynab AbdulQadir - Morris | University of California - Berkeley | California Ranel Troy Santos | University of California - San Francisco | California Austin Dunn | University of Southern California | California
Joshua Gardner | Metro State University | Colorado
Carter Gruba | University of Colorado | Colorado
Troy Fossett | University of Colorado - Boulder | Colorado
Morgan Smith | T he University of Denver | Colorado
Kevion Ellis | University of Northern Colorado | Colorado
Taylor Dumpson | American University | District of Columbia
Kamar Mack | Georgetown University | District of Columbia

Emily Lawless | Florida Atlantic University | Florida

Jalisa White | Florida Gulf Coast University | Florida
Leonardo Cosio | Florida International University-Biscayne Bay Campus | Florida Krista Schmidt | Florida International University-Modesto Maidique Campus | Florida Kyle Joshua Hill | Florida State University | Florida
Ximena Pedroza | New College of Florida | Florida
Nick Larkins | University of Central Florida | Florida
Smith Meyers | University of Florida | Florida
Samantha Mims | University of North Florida | Florida
David Thompson | University of South Florida - St. Petersburg | Florida Moneer Kheireddine | University of South Florida - Tampa | Florida
Kishane Patel | University of West Florida | Florida
Tammy Lu | Georgia Gwinnett College | Georgia
Dylan John | Georgia Southern University | Georgia
Corey Gray | Georgia State University | Georgia
Victoria Brock | Kennesaw State University | Georgia
Olivia Buckner | Mercer University | Georgia
Cameron Keen | University of Georgia | Georgia
Michael Lynch | DePaul University | Illinois
Beau Grzanich | Illinois State University | Illinois
Sofia Tagkaloglou | Knox College | Illinois
Rachel Jacob | Northern Illinois University | Illinois
Nehaarika Mulukutla | Northwestern University | Illinois
Raneem Shamseldin | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Illinois Ramón DeShazer | Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville | Illinois Yohana Ghdey | University of Illinois at Chicago | Illinois
Dan Niersbach | Indiana University-Bloomington | Indiana
Sam Eschker | Purdue University- West Lafayette | Indiana
Rebecca Blais | University of Notre Dame | Indiana

Cody West | Iowa State University | Iowa
Jacob Simpson | University of Iowa | Iowa
Jack Ayres | Kansas State University | Kansas
Paige Hungate | Wichita State University | Kansas
Mady Womack | University of Kansas | Kansas
Kirby Fitzpatrick | Centre College | Kentucky
Laura Jackson | Eastern Kentucky University | Kentucky
Onaje Cunningham | Kentucky State University | Kentucky
Tori Wood | Murray State University | Kentucky
Sami Dada | Northern Kentucky University | Kentucky
Vishnu Tirumala | University of Louisville | Kentucky
Ben Childress | University of Kentucky | Kentucky
Josh Morehead | Louisiana State University at Eunice | Louisiana Anthony Felps | Louisiana State University of Alexandria | Louisiana Benjamin Rice | Louisiana Tech University | Louisiana
Seth Leto | Southeastern Louisiana University | Louisiana Samuel Levin | Tulane University | Louisiana
AJ Pruitt | University of Maryland | Maryland
Owanaemi Davies | University of Maryland Eastern Shore | Maryland Lorenzo Santavicca | Michigan State University | Michigan Anushka Sarkar | University of Michigan | Michigan
Walter Paul | Carleton College | Minnesota
Jason Chavez | The College of St. Scholastica | Minnesota Jauza Khaleel | St. Olaf College | Minnesota
Mike Kenyanya | University of Minnesota Duluth | Minnesota Trish Palermo | University of Minnesota-Twin Cities | Minnesota Noah Barberi | Millsaps College | Mississippi
Nathan Willett | University of Missouri-Columbia | Missouri Kylar Clifton | Montana State University | Montana

Joseph Zach | University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Nebraska
Noah Teixeira | University of Nevada, Reno | Nevada
Myesha Jemison | Princeton University | New Jersey
Evan Covello | Rutgers University | New Jersey
Jung Won Kim | Cornell University | New York
Alex Soltany | Davidson College | North Carolina
Riyanka Ganguly | Duke University | North Carolina
Morgan Bodenarain | Elon University | North Carolina
Elizabeth Adkins | University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill | North Carolina Spencer Schiller | Wake Forest University | North Carolina
Kevin Kaufhold | Baldwin Wallace University | Ohio
Daniel Oswald | Kent State University | Ohio
Andrew Jackson | Ohio State University | Ohio
Jeremy Paul | Otterbein University | Ohio
Taylor Bennington | U niversity of Akron | Ohio
Bashir Emlemdi | University of Cincinnati | Ohio
Erica Stephens | Oklahoma State University | Oklahoma
J.D. Baker | University of Oklahoma | Oklahoma
Daysi Bedolla | Eastern Oregon University | Oregon
Simon Brundage | Oregon State University | Oregon
Neal Choudhary | Carnegie Mellon | Pennsylvania
Molly Gallagher | Kutztown University | Pennsylvania
Max Kneis | University of Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania
Tyrell Mann-Barnes | Temple University | Pennsylvania
Kayla Martin | Temple University | Pennsylvania
Paige Hill | T emple University | Pennsylvania
Killian McDonald | Clemson University | South Carolina
Jessica Norum | Furman University | South Carolina
Ross Lordo | University of South Carolina | South Carolina

Thomas Mitchell | Rhodes College | Tennessee
Drew Gilmore | University of Memphis | Tennessee Kevyanna Rawls | U niversity of Memphis | Tennessee
Jami Cox | Vanderbilt University | Tennessee
Kendric D. Jones | Texas A&M University - Prairie View | Texas María Peña | Midwestern State University | Texas
Justin Onwenu | Rice University | Texas
Robbie Meyer | Texas Tech University | Texas
Winni Zhang | University of Houston | Texas
Barrett Cole | University of North Texas | Texas
Aynoa Rincon | Salt Lake Community College | Utah Benjamin Pok | Westminster College | Utah
Zach Berger | University of Utah | Utah
Osman Salahuddin | University of Washington - Seattle | Washington Jordan Frost | Washington State University | Washington
Israa Alshaiklhi | Washington State University Tri-Cities | Washington Blake Humphrey | West Virginia University | West Virginia Tiffany Yang | University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley | Wisconsin Katrina Morrison | University of Wisconsin - Madison | Wisconsin Lucas Frey | University of Wisconsin-Platteville | Wisconsin Sean Piette | University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point | Wisconsin

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