Zoning battle over proposed Jefferson County subdivision

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EUREKA, MO - The Jefferson County Council is poised to approve a new housing development in Eureka Monday night, but there are many people who live near the Windswept Farms project that don't want to see it happen.  Hundreds of residents who live nearby have signed a petition opposing the development.

McBride and Son Home told the county the Windswept Farms subdivision would include 549 homes on 173 acres.  The property along Highway FF near Highway 109 is mostly rural but there are a few homes and structures at the site.  Opponents are concerned about the environmental impact the development would have on the area and the traffic congestion from potentially 1,500 more cars along the two-lane Highway FF.

Nancy Connelly who lives in the area told Fox 2/News 11's Dan Gray. "This road has been the same for basically 50 to 75 years a little shoulder has been added once but it's basically a road for two traffic lanes that would be handling extra thousand cars or more day."  Resident Donna Dillon said, "It needs to be developed it`s a beautiful piece of property with a lot of potential it could develop beautifully if it’s done responsibly and not overdeveloped. There's no service to support it out here so you’re putting the cart before the horse."

The Jefferson County Council meets tonight at 6:30 pm for a second and third reading of the proposal and a final vote.  Opponents say if it passes they may take legal action to stop the development.

We reached out the McBride and Son homes for a comment but so far have not heard back from the company. ​

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