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Residents tell county council they oppose proposed ice rink in Creve Coeur Park

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CLAYTON, MO – The St. Louis County Council is looking at plans for an ice rink in Creve Coeur Park, Tuesday night.  Before the meeting protesters against the rink gathered outside the meeting.

Dozens of people voiced their opinions about a proposed ice rink at Creve Coeur Park at a St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday night.

The rink in Creve Coeur would be a four-rink facility on 40 acres of land.

The plan still needs final approval from the State Department of Natural Resources and National Parks Service. Right now, dirt in the area is already being bulldozed. Sheila Sweeney the CEO of St. Louis Economic Development Partnership said that is for storm water management and would be done regardless of the rink.

Opponents said a rink would take away from the natural setting of the park. A place people go for boating, biking or hiking.

“When you add a facility, this large there is a lot of lights a lot of parking spaces it is two stories tall the volume is the size of three Walmart’s, it drastically changes the look and feel of the park,” said Kat Dockery a member of the Creve Coeur Coalition.

On the other hand, Sweeny said the rink would only take up 2% of the park and would be an enhancement to the park and surrounding areas.

“It allows people to do other types of recreation, and it will attract people to St. Louis and that’s important for us to be able to compete and grow economically,” said Sweeney.

Opponents have 14,000 signatures on a proposal that will be sent to the National Parks Service to consider