5 rumors you’ve probably heard about the eclipse that just aren’t true

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Idaho Falls, ID — Over the past few days, EastIdahoNews.com has received a lot of messages from our users asking questions about the eclipse.

Many want to know if statements or rumors they’ve seen online are true.

We’ve taken five questions we’ve been asked the most and tracked down the truth.


  • QUESTION: “I was told that (my city) is warning people to stay in/close to home during the eclipse because there have been threats and warnings of animal and human sacrifices. Apparently some foreigners have been asking about this because they want to perform sacrifices during the eclipse – something to do with devil worship and the eclipse being a powerful time for these things?”
  • ANSWER: A spokesman with the city of Pocatello tells EastIdahoNews.com that workers have not received any questions about animal or human sacrifices. Other east Idaho cities say their employees have not received inquiries about human or animal sacrifices either.


  • QUESTION: “I was told that gas in Ucon is already at $3.80 and has in Rigby is over $5.00.”
  • ANSWER: As of Wednesday afternoon, the average price for a gallon of gas in Ucon was $2.59. In Rigby, prices ranged from $2.51 to $2.68. AAA says gas prices will likely rise in the coming days and they’ve already gone up 10 cents in Idaho over the past week.


  • QUESTION: “I heard that grocery stores are out of food and won’t get any for two weeks.”
  • ANSWER: Some grocery stores have run out of some food, but new trucks will be arriving every day from now through the weekend. There is no food shortage, and there isn’t expected to be a food shortage but shoppers are advised to stock up early to avoid potential crowds of visitors.


  • QUESTION: Did NASA really push the eclipse back two weeks?
  • ANSWER: No.


  • QUESTION: I heard it’s supposed to snow on eclipse day. Is that true?
  • ANSWER: The National Weather Service is forecasting mostly sunny skies with highs in the mid-80s. If the forecast holds, it should be a perfect day to view the eclipse. We’ll keep you updated on our weather page.