College in Missouri sued for gender discrimination

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COLUMBIA, Mo. _ A former dean at a Missouri women’s college is suing the school for allegedly creating “a hostile work environment based on gender.”

The Columbia Missourian reports the lawsuit was filed Wednesday in state court by Carole Chabries, a former dean of graduate and continuing studies at Stephens College.

She says she made a complaint about Vice President of Academic Affairs Leslie Willey, alleging Willey said “a woman might need to step back from her career to take care of her family” in response to time Chabries had spent away from campus.

An investigation by the school showed no evidence of discrimination.

The lawsuit also alleges Willey and President Dianne Lynch manipulate employees through intimidation.

The college’s Board of Trustees said Thursday that the lawsuit is full of “numerous false and inflammatory allegations.”

Chabries resigned in June, less than a year after joining the college.