How to determine if your solar eclipse glasses are real or fake

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MADISON, Ala. -- Trying to find some eclipse glasses in the Tennessee Valley is getting harder and harder, so you might be looking at other options. There are some counterfeit glasses on the market out there, so be wary because wearing fake eclipse glasses is very dangerous for your eyes.

Specs of Madison Optometrist Dr. Kimberly Ocampo said determining the authenticity of a pair of eclipse glasses can actually be quite difficult.

"The viewing window should be essentially opaque. You should not be able to look through these and see any of your household lights. If you can look through these and see household lights, then that is not authentic," she explained.

Another way to ensure your glasses are the real deal is an ISO number certification.

"ISO 12312-2, that's the official standard solar viewing filter that's safe for your eyes to view the sun through. If they don't have that number on there, then you definitely don't want to use those," said Dr. Ocampo.

Eclipse glasses are essential for protecting your eyes. However when it comes down to it, they are just made of cardboard.

"A reasonable amount of money that you should pay for this is gonna be five dollars or less. Supply and demand obviously affects the pricing, and pricing we've seen that go up since the demand has been so overwhelming," said Dr. Ocampo.

All in all, she said a pair shouldn't cost you more than a few dollars. Specs of Madison has dispensed 1,500 pairs of glasses so far, but demand is still high.

"We have some more coming in, but our wait list now is growing to the point where it's going to become more and more difficult to get these glasses," said Dr. Ocampo.

She said they had no idea the response would be so overwhelming.

"We've been pleased with the interest in it, we just want to make sure people are safe and protecting their eyes appropriately," she said.

People who are interested in ordering eclipse glasses from Specs of Madison can still be put on their waitlist. The glasses are $2.50 per pair.

To be put on the waitlist you can email them at with your name and number, and how many pairs of glasses you need.

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