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WILDWOOD, Mo. – On Monday, students at Fairway Elementary in Wildwood had a big day along with millions of others and solar eclipse glasses are part of the plan. The school was all the buzz with anticipation of the solar eclipse of 2017.

The school’s 445 students and others in the Rockwood School District were geared up for an amazing event in the sky.

But before the big moment students learned everything from how an eclipse works, to wearing their protective glasses.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost said the district has been planning for the event for over a year.

“It’s been great. No traffic issues, attendance was really good, kids are excited in high school, middle, and elementary school,” he said. “We teamed up with an ophthalmologist to make sure we had safe glasses for the kids.”

As the clock ticked closer to 1:16 p.m., the darkness set in and the kids went wild.

Parents and teachers did as well. Parent Shannon Sage said it’s a great experience and she's glad to have shared it with her child.

"It's amazing they are all excited and the teachers have been so great preparing them telling them what to do and all of the kids are doing great,” she said​

And although the totality ended in less than two minutes, the Great American Eclipse of 2017 was an amazing experience that created memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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