‘Total Eclipse of The Park’ parties in St. Charles County

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. _There’s a big eclipse watch party today in St. Charles County. Space was limited to a thousand guests at each park. Registered guests got parking passes and solar glasses and the opportunity to buy a commemorative t-shirt.

Gates open at 9 a.m. at each park with D.J.’s, food and a live video feed of the eclipse moving across the country.

Local emergency management estimates 20-30,000 visitors are in St. Charles County to view this historic event. Fire and EMS will be at each one of the park events with cooling and first aid stations. Metro air support is also on standby.

Two ways to safely see the sun today are by using a filter, like the solar glasses, or by projecting the image. It is critical that people don`t look up until we`ve reached totality, where the moon is completely blocking the sun.

At Quail Ridge Park, viewers will see about one minute, one second of totality.

Brommelsiek Park will see one minute, 35 seconds and Klondike Park will see two minutes, 14 seconds.

Jim Twellman with the Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri says during totality, it will be about as bright as a full moon.

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