What time is the eclipse? Check times for any location

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Beautiful solar eclipse in space, photorealistic illustration

ST. LOUIS —  The Great American Eclipse will pass over the U.S. today.  Many cities near St. Louis will see a total eclipse.

Most people won’t notice the sky getting dark until after noon.  A total eclipse will happen after 1:15pm for several cities in a 70 mile wide path to the south of St. Louis. But even if you won’t have 100 percent of the sun obscured by the moon, there’s still a lot to see, if you know when to look.

Photos: Share your eclipse pictures

The chart below shows eclipse times for many places in Missouri and Illinois, compiled by the NASA. All times in CST.

Location Partial Eclipse Begins Total Eclipse Begins Total Eclipse Ends Partial Eclipse Ends
Warrenton 11:48 AM 1:15 PM 1:17 PM 2:42 PM
Wentzville 11:48 AM 1:16 PM 1:17PM 2:43 PM
Ballwin 11:49 AM 1:16 PM 1:18 PM 2:43 PM
Arnold 11:49 AM 1:17 PM 1:19 PM 2:44 PM
South St. Louis 11:49 AM 1:17 PM 1:18 PM 2:44 PM
Columbia 11:50 AM 1:17 PM 1:19 PM 2:44 PM
Perryville 11:51 AM 1:18 PM 1:21 PM 2:46 PM
Carbondale 11:52 AM 1:20 PM 1:22 PM 2:47 PM


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