Trump to speak in Nevada Wednesday

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President Trump speaks at the National Scout Jamboree on July 24, 2017.

President Donald Trump has another speech out West on Wednesday, coming just hours after he held a campaign rally in Phoenix, this time with a scheduled stop in Reno, Nevada.

The White House said Trump will speak to the National Convention of the American Legion.

Amid Trump’s divisive and bombastic speech Tuesday in which he attacked the media, the President also spoke to his support for veterans.

“We’re reforming the VA to ensure out veterans have the care they so richly deserve — including choice,” Trump said.

“And we got legislation approved that everybody said was impossible, it’s called VA accountability, if somebody treats our veterans badly, we can fire them.”

His message to veterans comes just a day after he announced a new plan for the US’ strategy in Afghanistan.

On Monday evening, Trump addressed a military fatigues-clad audience and said the US would replace the currently enacted time-based approach with a conditional based approach.

Following his speech on Monday, Trump reiterated his commitment to the military when speaking to the crowd of supporters in Phoenix.

“Last night, as you know, I laid out my vision for an honorable and enduring outcome in a very tough place, a place where our country has failed: Afghanistan,” Trump said. Later adding: “I will tell you, what we’re going to do with our incredible military, they’re going to make unbelievable sacrifices and they’ve already made in some cases the ultimate sacrifice, but we’re fighting for them.”

Also while in Arizona, Trump visited Yuma — where he met with border control and ICE agents.

Trump’s speech on Tuesday displayed a notably different tone compared to his announcement on Monday, and came just a week after Trump was widely criticized for not effectively condemning violence at a white supremacy rally the previous weekend by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Trump also addressed the criticism in his Tuesday night speech and called out the media for what he described as unfair coverage of his response.