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Illinois governor signs automatic voter registration law

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Gov. Bruce Rauner

CHICAGO (AP) _ Illinois will allow automatic voter registration under a measure signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The Republican’s Monday signing comes a year after he vetoed a similar measure over concerns about voter fraud.

Under the law eligible individuals will be automatically registered unless they opt out when they visit Secretary of State’s offices for drivers’ license services and other state agencies. The measure had wide bipartisan support.

The law takes effect immediately, but it will be implemented in phases. Most changes will take place ahead of the November 2018 election, with all agencies on board by July 2019.

Over half a dozen states have such measures, including Oregon and West Virginia.

Supporters say it’ll modernize the system and improve turnout. Opponents had raised concerns about the potential registering of ineligible people.


The legislation is SB1933.