Toddler in critical condition after being ejected from car

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ST. LOUIS - A 3-year-old boy is thrown from a vehicle and two drivers were injured in a Wednesday morning crash in downtown St. Louis.  Some residents are concerned about speeding in the area.

The serious crash happened at the intersection of Delmar and North 18th Street.

Some business owners and residents on this street claim Wednesday's crash is the third accident at that intersection within 48 hours.

The concerned residents say they would like to see drivers pay more attention to the speed limit and slow down.  "Most of the time it`s after dark when you start to hear the drag races and people yelling," said one worker.

Residents say there is a renewed concern about speeding following the early morning crash. We are told a Nissan Pathfinder was traveling South on 18th when a Chrysler ran a stoplight and hit the Pathfinder.

Police said a toddler was not secured in a car seat and was thrown from vehicle.

Two female drivers were injured.  Santino Saggio said “I was working and heard the crash and I saw the gold car hit the blue car and kind of explode."

Witnesses said police responded to the accident quickly and began CPR on the child and rushed the child in a police cruiser to a nearby hospital, “I didn't see the baby underneath it until the police pulled it out from underneath it and

quick thinking of the police that help save the baby life," said Saggio.

Those who work and live in the area say speeding cars are the norm in the area.

At this point the cause of Wednesday's crash remains under investigation.

However, some residents say one thing is for sure, they will continue to worry about speeding and hope that drivers will slow down so no one else is injured.

Police confirm that the driver of the Chrysler that ran the red light has been issued a summons.

The driver of the SUV was issued a summons for violation of child passenger restraint law and operating a vehicle without a license or proof of insurance.

Authorities say both female drivers were transported to area hospitals and are expected to survive and the child is currently listed in critical condition.