Arnold police note increase in car thefts

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ARNOLD, Mo. – People in Arnold have been hit hard by car thieves.

Arnold police said the community typically experiences a stolen car once in a month or two. They’ve had eight vehicles ripped off in August alone.

“Maybe they’re just in a hurry and they take their time and figure they’re going to run in and out and these days it’s easy to keep an eye on stuff … and steal stuff,” said John Burkart, motorist.

Six of the stolen vehicle cases involved incidents of the keys being left in the ignition.

“They just don’t think about what they’re doing; let somebody steal their car,” said one concerned resident.

A week ago, detectives said a man and woman drove around a convenience store parking lot. They apparently spotted a pickup truck with the keys inside. The woman got in and drove away in the stolen vehicle. The pickup was dumped behind a hotel a few miles north. Police found the truck because it had OnStar, which let authorities know where it was.

Police also have surveillance video of the suspects after they dumped the pickup truck. It shows them throwing the driver’s cellphone in the trash.