Downtown bank robbery suspect charged

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ST. LOUIS – A 56-year-old man was charged Thursday with robbery in connection to a bank robbery that occurred in downtown St. Louis.

According to court documents, a Caucasian man wearing a hat and sunglasses walked into the US Bank branch at 8th and Locust Wednesday morning, approached a teller and said, "Give me all the twenties and hundreds out of your till."

When the teller asked if he had a slip, the man clarified, “This is a robbery. I have a weapon." The teller gave him the money and he left the bank without further incident.

The suspect, Scott Purcell, was arrested moments after the robbery, about seven blocks away from the bank. Court documents state the arresting police officer thought Purcell matched the description of the suspect and noticed a wad of cash sticking out of his left pocket. When the officer searched Purcell, he discovered thousands of dollars of cash in denominations of $100 and $20 bills.

The officer also thought Purcell matched the description of a man who robbed a Chicago bank just a few days earlier. The FBI said Purcell has not been charged in the Chicago robbery and they wouldn’t say whether it's the same man involved. The public can view the surveillance photos from the Chicago bank robbery on the FBI's website.

Purcell has a prior conviction for bank robbery in San Francisco from March 2005.