Mourners remember Diana at site of fatal crash

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LONDON (AP) _Mourners have paid tribute to Princess Diana near the spot in Paris where a deadly car accident killed her 20 years ago, placing flowers, photos and written notes in memory of the beloved British royal.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo arrived around 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) with a large bouquet which she placed at the Flame of Liberty, a golden memorial above the Alma Tunnel, where the crash took place. The golden flame has become an unofficial memorial to Diana.

A French woman paying tribute, Yvette Demilio, remembered Diana as ``a modern mother with a strong character and a strong heart. She was also a fashion icon and, it is true, I loved her a lot.''

An Australian woman cried at the site without speaking.

Linda Grant, from Britain, said that ``it's like it was yesterday still, which means she is still here in our hearts. She has never gone away and she never will. She never will.''