Rep. Love: ‘I’m not planning on resigning’ amid calls for punishment for FB comment

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There’s been more and more calls from quite a few Missouri lawmakers on both sides of the aisle hoping that Representative Warren Love to be punished, but tonight he made it clear he’s not stepping down.

“I’m not planning on resigning,” Rep. Warren Love said.

In a phone interview, Love is clear – he will not step down from office after his comments on Facebook.

In the shared post about vandals throwing paint on a confederate monument – Love writes, "This is totally against the law. I hope they are found and hung from a tall tree with a long rope.”

“That monument desecration was a criminal act,” he said. “And it needs to have some kind of a repercussion for that act, and I don`t apologize for calling that a criminal act, but the way I went about it, I do apologize for.”

Love’s apology comes just one day after his comments became public.

His Facebook spill comes just two weeks after another Missouri leader, State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal, made a comment hoping for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Chappelle-Nadal later apologized for the remark.

Following Love’s comments, Governor Eric Greitens took aim at both legislators, tweeting "Leaders in MO need to do better and I don’t think the Sen or Rep should be representing the people of MO; both should face same consequences."

St. Louis City Democratic Rep. Michael Butler called the governor's response a shortcoming of his demands for Chapelle-Nadal.

“They asked her directly to resign and to be removed,” Butler said. “They have not asked Representative Love. They’ve created another standard. They only asked for actions, they have not detailed what those actions should be, but hey we're clear in what those actions should be for Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal.”

Butler said comments like this from Love aren’t new and believes he should step down.

"Just this past legislative session, he referred to another member, an African-American, as a 'negro' in a public house committee meeting,” Butler said. “So with his Facebook post this week, it’s come full circle that this representative is not fit to communicate with the public and is not fit to be in office.”

Love, on the other hand, said he expects the criticism.

“I'm sorry for it,” Love said. “I apologize and I would like to move forward, and hopefully people will understand what I really meant to say.”

Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson echoed Governor Greitens' call for disciplinary actions and hopes members in the House of Representatives take swift actions.

Lawmakers will return to Jefferson City in less than two weeks.