St. Louisan who just moved family to Houston, now back to square one after hurricane

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FLORISSANT, Mo. - A St. Louis woman who moved to Houston four months ago is now back in Florissant with her sister after she evacuated her new home.

In May, Diamond Myers was looking for a fresh start for herself and her three kids, so she decided to move to Houston. The family found a townhouse and was just starting to feel settled in when talk of hurricane Harvey began.

Being from St. Louis, Myers didn’t know what to expect from a hurricane and then on Friday afternoon, she started seeing people panicking.

“Our neighbors were getting frantic, people were boarding up their houses, and I’m like ok what’s going on. And it was all over the news. People were rushing to the gas stations and you couldn’t get simple stuff like a loaf of bread, water,” Myers said.

That’s when she and her kids grabbed one extra set of clothes and their cat and decided make the 13 hour dive back to St. Louis.

From her sister's living room in Florissant, Myers has been watching the hurricane coverage.

“It’s hard to look at those images and know that’s what we have to go back too,” she said.

Myers' landlord told her that her new townhouse is flooded and she really has no idea what to expect when they get back.

“This was our big change moving to Houston and now we are back at square one,” Myers said.

Her family launched a GoFundMe page for her. They are also collecting donations.

Myers said anything her family cannot use she will pass along to others in Houston. If you want to make a donation you can contact the organizer of the GoFundMe page and they will arrange a spot to pick up/drop off your donations.