Experts warn of flood-damaged cars hitting the market

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ST. LOUIS – Harvey’s wrath, yet another humbling display of Mother Nature’s power. Aside from the obvious impact on people, pets, and property, there’s possibly a hidden hassle for consumers down the road.

“They’re predicting over 500,000 vehicles that are going to enter into the market,” said Jay Grosman, CEO & Founder of I Auto Agent.

Grosman warns of flood damaged cars flooding the market.

“Some of them are going to have branded titles that say the vehicle has been involved in a flood, but there’s going to be a mysterious amount of them that just magically slip through the cracks,” Grosman said.

Grosman said reputable dealerships will inspect vehicles for flood damage, while unscrupulous dealerships will buy flood-damaged cars cheap.

“They’re going to try to take advantage of trying to sell a vehicle really quick on a low-dollar amount and then move on to the next person and not really care about the individual, unfortunately,” he said.

Grosman said it might not just be dealers looking to take advantage.

“In Texas, it’s 100 percent damage to the car to total out a car,” he said.

Grosman suggests car owners with less serious flood damage may want to get rid of their rides to avoid future problems that could pop up…so buyer beware especially when buying online.

“When you look at a car online you see a picture. Pictures can be manipulated,” said Grosman.

From the trunk, to the cabin and the roof, Grosman said to check every nook and cranny, because car history reports aren’t always accurate. His other advice?

“Always get a pre-purchase inspection on a car from an independent third-party inspection company,” he said.

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