Bomb squad called to construction site for box of WWII grenades

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BALLWIN, Mo. — A box of hand grenades uncovered by a workers digging a trench in Ballwin. The discovery led to evacuations and a call to the St. Louis County Bomb Squad.

The grenades were found in a trench between the Steuby Manufacturing Company and the Balls-n-Strikes baseball training facility on Ramsey Lane in Ballwin. It  was a frightening situation for a few hours this morning.
Bomb disposal experts in protective gear from the regional bomb squad were called to examine three hand grenades.  The discovery was made when a worker with Steuby was digging a trench to improve water drainage.  When he had dug about two feet down, his shovel hit something hard. Police said the worker found a plastic trash bag and inside was an old metal ammunition box containing the grenades.
It couldn't be immediately determined if the grenades were live, so the bomb squad deployed a robot to pick up the grenades. While that was underway, the two nearby businesses and eight nearby apartment units on Leslie Drive were evacuated.
"Around 10 o'clock I was woken up by a police sergeant at my door and he asked me to come outside and told me there was possibly World War II equipment behind my house and they needed to bring the bomb squad out and evacuate the building as precautionary measure," said resident Nick Sappington.
The residents were out of their homes for about two hours as the bomb squad safely put the grenades in a protective carrier and drove took them to a disposal site.
"It's definitely an interesting topic to think about how long the grenades have been there, maybe 50  - 60 years; the box looked pretty old itself," Sappington said.
Ballwin police said they're trying to determine how old the grenades are where they came from and who buried them at this property.  Police said this is not a criminal investigation but they would like some answers.​