Technologies available to keep parents from forgetting their children in vehicles

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Solutions are available right now for parents to keep them from forgetting and leaving their baby in a hot car.

Child car seat manufacturer Evenflo created a car seat designed to help parents remember their bundle of joy is in the backseat. It involves a sensor on the chest clip and a warning sounds if something is wrong.

Libby Avender works at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and teaches parents how to install infant car seats correctly. The hospital also gives away a free memory device. It’s not technical, but parents insist it work.

“A lot of parents will come in and tell me, ‘Thank God for this device,’ without it they have had a close call where they almost left the baby in the car.”

If you want to learn more about the free memory device, you can contact St. Louis Children’s Hospital at 314-454 KIDS.

Amber Andreasen works at the Kids and Cars organization, which has pushed for legislation and the U.S. House has approved what’s called the Hot Car Act. Supporters are hopeful the Senate will also agree and require technology to keep kid’s safe.

“…these are the most horrific fatalities that one can even imagine,” she said.

Meanwhile, General Motors has exclusive technology to remind parents that they may have left a child, a pet, even groceries in the back seat. There are both warning sounds and a message that is displayed on the dashboard.

Tony Godfrey Jr., a salesman at Dave Sinclair Buick GMC, predicts it will be a popular accessory.

“I think it’s wonderful that they have it. It’s going to be great. Hopefully the numbers go down of kids being left behind,” he said.

Godfrey Jr. said baby safety technology should soon be available on all GM products.​