Alderman hopes speed humps will reduce speeding in her ward

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ST. LOUIS, MO- Slowing down drivers with a lead foot. The City of St. Louis has been installing speed humps, costing $2,000 each, in neighborhoods where some leaders say, speeding has been an ongoing problem.

"Speeding is an enormous issue throughout our community," said Alderwoman Cara Spencer of the 20th Ward. "Gravois Park here has seen several accidents, last year we had a couple of fatalities where kids were speeding so fast they ran into a home."

Drivers aren't quite used to the newly installed speed humps just yet, but Spencer is confident the alternatives on Potomac Street and Virginia Avenue in Gravois Park will help slow them down.

"Our police department has not been focusing on deterring speeding by stopping traffic, they're doing other things," Spencer continued, "so without mechanisms to encourage people to go the speed limit and drive safely, we are looking for alternatives and that's where the speed humps come in."

Some residents fed up with drivers racing down their streets expressed that they are optimistic the speed humps will cut down on the continuous problem.

"It's dangerous if you're not obeying the speed limits, if you're not paying attention," said Robert Musgrave, "so many people drive distracted by cellphones or just other people in their cars, so I hope this will be something that helps them to pay attention and to be aware."

Other people however disagreed with the idea and don't believe that speed humps will work.

"They are a waste of money and eventually somebody is going to run into somebody's car," said Larry Atherton, "and if you watch you see them come up over the humps real quick and they start to go to one side, they ain't got control of the steering wheel."

According to Deanna Venker with the street department, there are currently 50 other areas under review for speed humps.  But she added, it doesn't mean that all 50 of those spots will be getting speed humps.

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