Activists call for peaceful, non-violent protests ahead of Stockley ruling

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ST. LOUIS – There is growing anxiety in St. Louis concerning the community’s reaction after a judge delivers his ruling in the Jason Stockley murder case.  It appears that no matter the decision—guilty or not—there will be demonstrations.

“We’re looking for justice, but we also look for peace,” said Rev. Linden Bowie, pastor at Zion Travelers Missionary Baptist Church in north St. Louis County.

Bowie and other clergy support the activists’ cause. He said he’s expecting demonstrations.

“It would be a huge waste and injustice to allow this moment to pass by and not address all of the other systemic issues surrounding how a police officer could murder a citizen and six years later there’s finally some movement,” he said.

Missouri State Representative Bruce Franks considers himself an activist and his message is to the point.

“What everybody has to understand: you got to stop killing us. So they’re will be action to get folks to understand that,” he said.

Franks said he’s expecting protests to continue for days.

“It would be a shame to tackle this in one day and let it get swept under the rug, like so many other things,” he said.

Rev. Bowie was concerned activists from outside St. Louis may show up and turn the protests violent. He said that’s what happened in Ferguson in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.​