‘Agitators’ break windows and smear red paint on Mayor Krewson’s home

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Police say that protesters are targeting the Mayor of St. Louis. Thousands of them are marching in the Central West End Friday night. Police tweet, "Agitators have converged on Mayor Krewson's house. Throwing rocks and breaking windows, despite being instructed not to."

An earlier tweet from St. Louis police says, "We're continuing to monitor demonstrators in the Central West End. Road closures in area of McPherson & Euclid. Expect delays."

Police have deployed tear gas in the area in an attempt to disperse protesters.  They tweet, "Tear gas was deployed because agitators became violent towards officers and destroyed property at Kingshighway & Waterman. Destruction of public and private property continues in the Central West End neighborhood. We are doing everything we can to keep you safe"

Hundreds of protesters continue to march in the upscale Central West End section of St. Louis, chanting and carrying signs with anti-police slogans and ``Black Lives Matter'' on them.

After attempting to march onto Interstate 64 Friday night but being thwarted by police who had blocked the path, the group marched back to a commercial intersection and staged a sit-in for about 20 minutes. The group was silent for some minutes, with the only noise being the sound of a news helicopter overhead.

The group later began marching down Euclid Avenue in an area with restaurants, bars and shops. A protester threw a rock through a restaurant window. Another group of protesters burned an American flag as other demonstrators cheered. In another instance, a man began to burn a flag and other protesters made him stop.