Violence erupts, windows break, after peaceful demonstration disbands on Delmar

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 UNIVERSITY CITY, MO - Violence erupted after police moved in to confront a small group of protesters who refused to disperse after a march in the St. Louis suburb of University City, a popular area with restaurants, bars and shopping.

Several officers suffered minor injuries from the thrown objects. About 23 businesses along Delmar Blvd were vandalized, over five police vehicles were vandalized, and approximately 10 people were arrested and taken into custody. No police officers or civilians suffered any serious injuries.

At around 6:15pm over 450 people took to the streets of Delmar at Kingsland for a peaceful protest. The organizers told the crowd to disperse after 9pm, but another group  of about 75 people began to form near the corner of Delmar and Kingsland.  This group started to grow over the next hour.

Shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday, the police formed lines and pushed around 150 demonstrators down the street, eventually announcing that the protest had become unlawful and ordering demonstrators to disperse.

Protesters fled down the street, throwing items such as water bottles, trash cans and trash can lids at police and breaking business windows as they went. There was a constant pop, pop, pop of breaking glass.

People scrambled for safety in alleys and parking garages. Restaurant patrons huddled in corners to remain safe.

Officers from the St. Louis County Police Department, University City Police Department, St. Louis City Police Department, and surrounding municipalities responded to assist in the dispersal of the violent crowd. With the additional assistance, the crowd was able to be dispersed at Skinker and Delmar.