You Paid For It – Small Illinois school districts considering merger with larger district

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VENICE, Ill. - The cost of running tiny school districts is an issue You Paid For It has been railing against for some time. Now there could be action to change the setup at some of the districts spotlighted in past reports.

The Venice and Brooklyn school districts are looking at merging with the nearby Madison School District, which is much larger.

There are just 130 kids at Venice and about the same number at the Brooklyn School District. They're studying whether it makes sense to merge with the much larger Madison School District, which has about 900 kids.

Both Venice and Brooklyn and Madison have superintendents making around $130,000.

This is an extensive problem for taxpayers in Illinois, which has nearly 400 tiny school districts. One estimate said Illinois taxpayers may be losing $90 million because of duplication of services.

The Brooklyn School Superintendent said it may take up to two years to find out if a merger of the three districts makes sense.