Elliott Davis wants to thank the man who came to Dan Gray’s defense

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ST. LOUIS, MO — FOX 2’s Elliott Davis was alarmed after seeing the video of fellow reporter Dan Gray’s ordeal during a demonstration Friday. He put some of his reflections into this Facebook post. He wants to know who the citizen is that came to Dan Gray’s defense and went against the crowd.

FOX 2’s Dan Gray and a Good Samaritan

This is what Elliott Davis posted to his official Facebook page:

“In the midst of chaos one protestor steps up to the plate in a big way to give us all hope of getting through this in one piece. We were all alarmed here at Fox 2 of the images of our reporter Dan Gray on Friday who was accosted by menacing protestors as he covered the demonstrations downtown after the judge’s ruling in the Stockley case.

A young man, screaming and yelling was right in the face of Dan Gray who remained calm and collected. At one point the agitator physically bumped him. But then something amazing happened. Another protestor in the group actually came to Dan’s defense. Fortunately he was a big guy and able to convince the others to back up. He walked along with his arm on Dan’s shoulder to both reassure him and as a warning to others to stay away and let him be.

This protestor defied the others. No matter what we say has gone wrong, this one guy had character and a sense of right and wrong. He clearly knew what was being done to Dan was wrong by any measure. But rather that just stand idly by and watch it unfold he decided to act. He didn’t know how others in the crowd would react to him coming to Dan’s defense. But he acted, and did the right thing anyway.

We don’t know his name but It would be nice if we could catch him and ask him what was on his mind and what made him step, potentially into harms way himself, to help someone he personally didn’t know and take sides against those in the group bent on causing more harm.

This gentleman may be that ray of hope in the midst of anger and chaos and destruction. A man with heart who cared about the wellbeing of his fellow man in distress.

Not many would have done what he did. To me that’s something to applaud. I wish i knew who that guy was. A lot of people do.”