Loop business owners want to know plan after protests

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO - Business owners and police remain on edge after a scheduled protest of the Jason Stockley acquittal was suddenly moved.

From Bommarito Automotive SkyFOX, you could see a group of clergy, organizers, and allies gather on Kingsland just north of Delmar. The protest was scheduled to go on at 6:30 pm. The group then took the demonstration to the Justice Center, a detention facility in Downtown St. Louis.

Mike Hobbs owns The Melting Pot University City. His popular fondue restaurant was completely empty. He said every other customer, except two, cancelled their reservations. Hobbs referred those customers to the restaurant’s Chesterfield location.

Hobbs said that while he supports the protests, he is frustrated by the vandalism and loss of business that followed the peaceful demonstrations over the weekend. He wants to know the plan after the protests.

“Where do we go to get behind this thing and sign petitions to change out police procedures? And, that’s what’s frustrating to a lot of us who are involved or not involved.”

“We have to not go to the polls every 4 years,” said protestor Diane Ruff. “We have to go every two years. We have to know who we are voting for. And when injustices like this happen, we have to change that.”

This is the second night he had water and cookies waiting for the peaceful protestors, after they returned to their staging area just a few doors west of his restaurant.

As for now, police are still in the area. No one is taking the quiet for granted right now. ​

A University City Loop business owner is facing backlash after an interview with FOX2 / News 11.
After parts of the interview aired on Monday evening, several customers accused Melting Pot owner Mike Hobbs of being anti-police. Those customers later stated they would cancel their reservations.
Hobbs mentioned that he had water and cookies for peaceful protesters returning to their cars after the march. In an email to customers, he maintained that he also offered police officers water and cookies and that he supports local police.
Here is the entire and unedited interview he gave to Kim Hudson.