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Making time for a family meal with busy schedules is worth your time

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ST. LOUIS, MO — School, sports and extra curricular activities are all back in full swing. Are you finding it difficult to sit down for a family meal? Busy schedules can make it tough.

Jen Mcdaniel with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics is here with some reasons it may be worth you time.

Barrier 1: Wacky Schedules

  • Commit to making it a priority & decide how to do just one more meal together
  • Plan those time by looking at your week ahead & schedule them.
  • Maybe this means mom or dad comes home early from work one day a week, or you decide to have your family meal to be breakfast and prioritize or make weekend meals happen.

Barrier 2: Lack Of Time To Plan And Prepare Meals

  • As a parent, I know that the time I spend in meal planning and prep saves me time the rest of the week
  • Find a meal planning rhythm and keep it consistent schedule
  • I meal plan on Fridays, grocery shop early on sat am, and then do some meal prep and cooking on Sundays