Several arrested Saturday for violence in The Delmar Loop

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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. - The Delmar Loop could see another round of demonstrations this evening. That potential comes after many Loop businesses sustained damage during a weekend protest.

Boards are covering up many windows that were broken on Saturday night by a group of protesters. But many of the boards now have artwork painted on them.

Against that backdrop, another demonstration is planned for the Del Mar Loop at 6:30pm tonight. Peaceful daytime demonstrations turned violent Saturday night in The Delmar Loop. Protesters threw rocks and water bottles at police and broke out windows at many Del Mar Loop businesses.

Several people were arrested and are now facing charges including property damage, rioting, unlawful assembly and resisting arrest.

People spent much of yesterday cleaning up this area including painting on the boards. Businesses were open and people came out to eat.

No one was seriously hurt in the weekend protests in The Delmar Loop.

We will see what happens when demonstrations return to The Delmar Loop possibly as soon as this evening.