St. Elizabeth’s Hospital moving to O’Fallon

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O'FALLON, Ill. - In 38 days a new hospital opens in O’Fallon Illinois. Final work is being done at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

“This is really special. It’s the integration of technology with a health environment delivered in a spiritual manner,” said Dr. Gary Hagens, Chief Medical Officer for the hospital.

The latest in technology can be found in a hybrid operating room where physicians can do non-invasive or open surgery for heart patients. The new St. Elizabeth’s has 144 rooms . That’s fewer than the old location. These days a lot of patients don’t stay overnight.

Hospital President and CEO Peg Sebastian said, “Almost 80% of health care is done in an ambulatory or outpatient setting.”

Rooms were designed with nurses input, nurses are now always close to a patient’s bedside. And, new mothers were surveyed as to how labor and delivery should be laid out.

“Almost 75% of our patients wanted labor delivery room to deliver their baby in and then transition to a postpartum room,” said Susan Holloway, BSN, RN, Director-Construction Management.

The $300 million hospital not only has the newest equipment but also the latest in hospital design with a homelike connection to nature.

Architect Jen Voigt works for Kahler Slater she said why homelike and nature are so important, “Design evidence shows if patients have access to natural light to beautiful landscapes they have a better outcome in their recoveries.”

If you want to see inside the new St. Elizabeth’s they plan to hold an open house October 7th and 8th. ​