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Breckenridge Hills Police searching for man who approached boy at bus stop

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ST. LOUIS, MO — The Ritenour School District and Breckenridge Hills Police are dealing a case of stranger danger.  The attack occurred less than a mile away from Hoech Middle School. A boy got off  at his bus stop at the intersection of Simms and Breckenridge when he was approached by a man in a truck.

"A black male driving a green pickup truck pulled up next to him and asked if wanted to get into the car.  The child said no,” said   Sgt. Michael Presson.  “The subject gets out of his truck, comes and grabs his right arm and says c'mon lets get into truck. The boy says no, and pulls away," said   Sgt. Michael Presson.

As the child pulled away the sleeve on his right arm ripped apart where the man was grabbing. The boy fell to ground.

“The boy then told me he saw a rock near him. He picked it up and threw it at subject's face. He wasn't sure if the rock hit subject. Then the subject got back in the truck and left the area," said   Sgt. Michael Presson.

The boy then raced home, which wasn't far, and his mom called police.  They are looking for a black male in his mid 20's with a short hair cut.

“The vehicle he was driving was a green pickup truck, newer model. He didn't know the make or model but the first digit on the license plate was three.  It has a Missouri license plate," said   Sgt. Michael Presson.

The Ritenour School District sent out a message about the incident to student's families Wednesday night. They also asked families to remind children to stay safe and alert as they travel to and from school.

Breckenridge Police say they can't ever remember investigating a situation like this.  Call St. Louis regional Crimestoppers if you have any information at 1-866-371-8477. Or visit: Tips sent through this hotline are eligible for a reward. You can remain anonymous.