Steven Spielberg won’t watch his own films — except for this one

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When Steven Spielberg chose to create a heart-warming alien story for children, the easy option would have been to cast a cute and cuddly puppet. Instead audiences got waddling, faintly frightening E.T. But Spielberg's instincts were proven correct again, as the film went on to become the highest-grossing film ever released (at that time).

Steven Spielberg is credited with a pretty impressive list of films, which were made during his nearly 50-year career in Hollywood.

From “Jaws” to “Schindler’s List” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” the director has worked on some of the industry’s biggest movies.

But Spielberg won’t watch most of them.

“I don’t dwell,” he told E! on the red carpet for the premiere of “Spielberg,” the HBO documentary about his life and filmmaking career.

There is one exception, however.

“I’ll show my grandkids ‘E.T.’ for the first time,” he said. “And I’ll love sitting next to them and telling them that he doesn’t really die and ‘It’s only scary for a little while and then you grow to love him.’ I guide them through the experience.”

The 1982 film about an extraterrestrial trying to make it home is beloved by fans all over the world.

“Spielberg” will premiere on October 7 on HBO.