St.ART Street Art Festival encourages hope, healing, and dialogue

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NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO - A group of artists representing an a amazing cross section of American culture  converged  on St Louis this weekend to celebrate diversity with hopes of bridging the racial divide in the region.

They were here for the St.ART Street Art Festival, a two day free  art festival that brought in a dozen artists  from around the country.

The  paintings were  inspired by the heart ,music, and  poetry. Creations you would   only  see at the St. Louis Street Art Festival.

“There are a lot of different artists that come from all over the United States  to celebrate  the diversity of our communities “ said Sharon Mansfield.

On  Saturday in  Forest Park  the artists created a  piece in black and white  to describe  the problem and  suggests dialogue. On Sunday in Fairground Park, the artists  created a piece in color expressing their vision for the future.

The goal of the two-day event is to encourage hope, healing and positive dialogue through art.

St. Louis resident Michael Tompkins says the events in Ferguson inspired him to start the event.

“It’s the 50 Anniversary of the assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King and when I read his last speech he gave In  Atlanta I realize not much has happened in 50 years,” said Tompkins .

The art fest was planned ahead of the recent protests in the wake of the Jason Stockley decision, but with the same goal to bring some of the feelings of the in the community to light through art.