Elliott Davis reflects on the violence in Las Vegas and St. Louis

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The gunman in the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip on October 2, 2017, has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Monday morning.

FOX 2 anchor and reporter Elliott Davis has been covering the news in St. Louis for the past 37 years. He offers some perspective on the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Davis says that law enforcement is one of the only things standing between the public and violent people. He goes on to say that demonizing police can can be dangerous.

His Facebook post has generated hundreds of reactions in just an hour. Post yours in the comments below:

“Terror in Las Vegas as 50 are killed 400 hurt in murderous shooting that took a horrific toll on innocent people and reflected the bravery of Law Enforcement Officers who charged to the sound of the gunfire.

Some people wonder why I rail against those who demonize all law enforcement officers. Well look no further that the mass shooting overnight in Las Vegas when a shooter armed with an automatic weapon fires randomly into a crowd on the Las Vegas strip, people he didn’t even know that fell in droves from the bullets he fired. There were off duty Officers and Military people in the crowd who tried to shield the innocent and help them thru the disaster. This as the sound of automatic gunfire went on incessantly.. There was no let up. Carnage was left behind of the dead and many who were going to die.

It is in the midst of hell like this that the men and women in blue that some people demonize and tell us are no good, and try to claim are unneeded, are the only line of protection between us and vicious and vile criminals.

This horror ended when law enforcement burst thru the door of the hotel and the suspect apparently shot himself. He apparently had 10 rifles in the room and was prepared to unleash more death and carnage had not Law Enforcement stopped him.

The Law Enforcement Officers are the true heroes who put their lives on the line charging into harms way, no matter the race, color or creed of the potential victim.. It’s no different than the response of Law Enforcement Officers on 9-11. People who see a threat and charge in despite the danger. Who else does that!

Just to look on a much smaller scale of our plight here in St Louis. We have mercifully not had a mass shooting incident but when we look at the murderous criminals terrorizing the streets of St Louis, law enforcement officers are all that’s standing between us and the cold blooded killers, those who would pull the trigger in a hearbeat. I’ve met so many senior citizens in St Louis who are forced to live behind iron bars in their homes ,too scared to go outside or fearful that an armed criminal will kick their doors in and assault them. Who is there for them. This is how many of the low income seniors are living out their golden years.

I’ve talked to Parents in our own city in some neighborhoods who are afraid to let their kids go out on the streets to play, for fear of them being shot. This is not just their imagination Saturday night right in South St Louis an 8 year old girl was grazed by a bullet as she played with her friends in a gangway. Fortunately she was just grazed..She could have easily been killed. And most people would have just shrugged and moved on. It seems that outrage only comes in a Police involved shooting not the day to day safety of innocent people out on our streets. There are some groups like Better Family Life that are involved in the fight against all the murders but that’s just one group that doesn’t have nearly the resources to tackle such a complex issue as violence.

I say this all the time. When trouble strikes your home or your family you can’t count on the neighborhood criminals to protect you. Just like in Las Vegas it wasn’t the criminals who stepped forward to help, it was the Law Enforcement Officers who put their own lives on the back burner to protect others regardless of what race they were, regardless of their religion or their ethnicity or their sexually orientation and regardless of their gender.

I say, and most Law Officers will tell you that there are bad apples in any profession. Whether it’s doctors or lawyers, or teachers or engineers, or airline pilots, or journalist. The problem is when we try to demonize everyone in a single profession like police and say they all are bad. That’s just not true!!

Fomenting that believe works a disservice to the mass majority of police men and women that we count on to be a shield between us and the criminals who mean us harm.

Just something to think about.”