Children as young as 3 participate in training for active shooter scenarios

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LEMAY, MO - A local school district is taking its safety and crisis training to a new level.

The Hancock Place School District in Lemay allowed students to participate in its annual active shooter training, a practice that has been limited to teachers and staff in the past.

The training took place last week, days before the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“In fact, one mother responded that [her] child was asking, did people run in a zigzag pattern to evade the bullets.  And that’s something we taught them last week on Thursday,” Hancock Place Superintendent Dr. Kevin Carl said.

A small school district, Hancock Place enrolls about 1,500 hundred students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The training was conducted by St. Louis-based Tier 1 Tactical Solutions.

Carl said he was proud to be on the forefront of training. Hancock Place is the only public school district in the St. Louis area to have students participate.

“We’re good at fire drills, and tornado drills, and earthquake drills. But in this day and age, you’ve also got to be prepared for intruders,” he said.

Can children as young as three years old be trained?

“Of course it was a little bit different because we want it to be age appropriate,” he said. “They actually have a mascot, which is Billy the Bulldog. And Billy The Bulldog was there to get the kids excited.”

Junior Jazmin Ramsdell demonstrated a more “adult” scenario: blockading a room so an intruder cannot enter.

She wrapped a cord near the top hinge of a door and pushed chairs underneath the handle.

“I’m glad I went through it, but I hope I never have to go through it. Something like that is really scary, and with everything going on in the world, I’m glad I know my options and what I can do,” Ramsdell said.