Shrewsbury police search for man who exposed himself in strip mall parking lot

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SHREWSBURY, Mo. – A woman had just left a drive-thru in Shrewsbury when she noticed a man exposing himself to her.

According to Lt. Brian Catlett, the incident happened on the morning of September 23. The woman had picked up breakfast at the McDonald’s drive-thru on Watson Road.

She had driven to a nearby parking lot, near her workplace, he said. That was when she said she noticed an alarming sight in the car parked next to her.

“He was sitting in his car with the door open; and no clothing on below the waist,” she said.

It is unclear if the man was aware he was being watched, Catlett said. The woman immediately drove off and contacted police.

Police said they are taking the case seriously.

“Number one: we don’t know if this gentleman is a sex offender or if he had other intentions. Number two; there could have been children in the area and that type of thing. And number three: it’s illegal to perform a sex act in front of others against their will,” Catlett said.

The man is described as a Caucasian man in his 30s or 40s, with brown hair. The woman said he was wearing a t-shirt and black rectangular glasses.

The alleged victim was shaken up but not physically harmed, police said. The man did not say anything to her.

At least two other agencies are following leads on the case. Anyone with information should contact the Shrewsbury Police Department.