Parents make concerning discovery near south St. Louis school

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ST. LOUIS – A concerning discovery near Buder Elementary School in south St. Louis has neighbors sounding the alarm on social media.

Stephanie Wieswehan posted a picture of a glass smoking pipe that her friend discovered right in front of her house, which happens to be a block away from Buder Elementary School.

A school bus picks up and drops off students on her corner and Wiesehan said her children and others on the block are always playing in the area as well.

"It's frightening that somebody was doing that right on the corner of my block. I don't know, it just makes me nervous for my kids. It needs to go away," Wiesehan said.

Wiesehan called police to report the drug paraphernalia. They told her to break it in a bag and throw it away so that no one else could use it. She said a St. Louis police detective thanked her for reporting it.

"He called me immediately and said, ‘You should report this, we need to know that this is in the area. We need to know what's happening and where it's happening so that we can have more police presence,’" she said.

Adam Wright, the president of the Southampton Neighborhood Association, said it’s encouraging residents to report suspicious activity either to the neighborhood association or to police.

"We're just trying to get the word out that we are watching; we are observing what's going on,” he said. “We love great activity, but if we see something going wrong, we are going to report it.”

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