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St. Louis owes police $2.9 million in overtime for working recent protests

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ST. LOUIS – The City of St. Louis is feeling the financial effect of the ongoing protests in the wake of the Jason Stockley decision.

Mayor Lyda Krewson and representatives for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department estimate they owe officers $2.9 million in overtime pay for working protests.

“Three million is a lot of money as you know,” Krewson said. “Certainly we have to figure out where to take that from.”

That total is just for the first 10 days—September 15-25—following the Stockley ruling.

“We have to pay those salaries. Hopefully, it won’t continue at that rate in the long-term,” she said.

A police department spokesperson said they’ll have an updated estimate next week. Officers are no longer working 12-hour shifts. However, overtime will be worked as needed.

“This is a significant problem for the City of St. Louis,” said Lewis Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen. “It will impact every service up and down the line, from street cleaning to every component of city's budget.”

Not only is the money owed extremely high and not planned for, Reed said police will probably need additional overtime.

“We're hearing protestors are going to continue,” he said. “We're addressing a lot of the issues that are systematic issues; not just in St. Louis, but in the country.”

Reed said he hopes protestors see that some movements are being made in areas of subpoena powers and police body cameras, plus action being taken in the Circuit Attorney’s Office to take over investigation of officer-involved shootings.

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