HUD to monitor progress to rid mice from Clinton-Peabody public housing

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ST. LOUIS - New developments in our investigation of the mice infestation at the Clinton-Peabody public housing project

The You Paid For It teams calls on HUD officials in Washington to lend the St Louis Housing Authority a helping hand to solve the problem.

We had asked Housing Authority Executive Director Cheryl Lovell if she planned to get help from HUD that funds her agency since she has tried and failed to solve the problem.

Lovell said she had no such plans and didn't need HUD's help.

Lovell’s last idea was to bringing in six feral cats to get rid of the mice, but that was not sanctioned by the St. Louis City Health Department.

After Lovell told us she wasn't sure she could solve the problem, You Paid For It decided to light another fire under the housing authority by alerting HUD in Washington to the problem. Not only did we alter HUD, we sent our inquiry all the way to the HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

A HUD spokesperson called Elliott Davis a short time later with a pledge to monitor closely what the Housing Authority is doing and get the problem solved.

The St. Louis Health Department is also on the Housing Authority to get the problem solved.

300 tenants live in Clinton-Peabody and about 7 of the 31 buildings are overrun with mice.

The Housing Authority says the problem has lasted for months. But tenants dispute that, saying they’ve been dealing with the mice infestation for years.