Coffee shop in Troy, MO keeps the memories of loved ones lost alive

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TROY, MO – The owner of a Troy, Mo coffee shop has decided to display photos of lives taken too soon.  Kim Silverberg says anyone can send a photo of their lost loved one to the Cornerstone Coffee Shop and she will place it in a frame and hang it on her wall.  The wall contains an image of a tree Silverberg calls a tree of eternity.

Silverberg lost her 20-year-old daughter to suicide and says a coffee shop employee also committed suicide.  Those losses fueled the idea that’s getting attention from around the country.  One photo was sent from Scotland.

“There’s 100 people on the wall right now,” said Silverberg.   “100 beautiful souls lost at a young age on the wall.”

She said the wall is way to help keep memories alive for loved ones.

Silverberg also has a mailbox on the wall the reads, “address in the stars”.  She said the mailbox is an opportunity for anyone to write a letter to their lost loved.  She said the letters will remain sealed and can be mailed to address in the Stars C/O Cornerstone Coffee Shop, 445 E. Cherry St., Troy, Mo 63379.

Silverberg said photos can also be mailed to her shop or shared by email at