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Controversy is brewing over mayor accused of trying to influence case against his son

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FLORISSANT, MO – Controversy is brewing over City of Florissant Mayor Thomas Schneider who is accused of having a ‘personal agenda’ involving his son.

In a letter addressed to council, attorney Mary Elizabeth Dorsey alleged that Schneider repeatedly asked her to fix his son, Paul’s case from 2009.

Dorsey claims that the mayor on numerous occasions attempted to get the case against his son expunged.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Paul Schneider was 20-years-old when he was allegedly picked up while a passenger in a car that had been out joy-riding and damaged a city street sign.

In a lengthy letter to council, Dorsey explained that, ‘Several times between February and June, Mayor Schneider approached me about the status of his son's case.  The contacts were in person after Rotary meetings or on the phone often while I was in my car.  What the Mayor did not realize was that while I was in my car, on at least two occasions, my passenger heard his threats.’

Dorsey went on to say, ‘The next threat came on Thursday, June 21, 2017 in person in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Ballroom.  Mayor Schneider and I had each attended the Annual NAACP Dinner separately.  Mayor Schneider saw me as I was leaving the dinner and once again demanded that I consent to setting aside his son's plea and nolle prosequi the charge.  I advised the Mayor that evening as I had on multiple occasions that I would not consent to set aside the plea and that I would leave it for the Judge to decide.  I also advised the Mayor on multiple occasions that the charge could not be nolle prosequi because court costs had been paid.’

In the letter Dorsey asked if the council was going to ‘take any action?’

In a prepared statement on Monday night, Council President, Jackie Pagano responded that the council has no investigative authority or power to address the case.

Pagano continued to read that council cannot be involved in such matters beyond its authority.

Several residents spoke at the meeting expressing their concerns saying that they are disappointed in the mayor while others called for his resignation or suggested that he retire.

“It questions the integrity of the office,” said Ja-Maal Davis of Florissant, “this drama could have been avoided with the mayor staying out of his son’s business point blank. You’re the mayor of the City of Florissant if that’s what you want your priority to be then you let your grown son handle his own affairs.”

In an interview prior to the council meeting, Schneider said the matter is nothing but a misunderstanding.

“That misunderstanding could’ve been cleared up had she (Dorsey) asked to meet with me a month ago,” Schneider said, “she was not demoted. I’ve talked to all the members of my prosecuting attorney’s team last week and I’m confident that they will work together as a team to represent the city’s interest in municipal court.”

In response to the mayor’s remarks during our interview, Dorsey sent an email statement to FOX 2 saying:

“I stand by my letter to the Council.  The Mayor called me to tell me that I was demoted so he knew how to reach me if he wanted to address the situation in more detail, including a face to face meeting.”