How romantic comedies affect your love life

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. _When you see romantic comedies, does it make you happy, hopeful or sad about your own relationship? Counselor, Dr. Rachel Glik recently wrote a blog about this very subject on her website.

Her blog lists some truths and lies about relationships vs. movies. She joined us on FOX 2 News in the Morning with some insight.

Relationships vs. Movies

Lie: True love happens immediately, if not it`s a bad sign.

Truth: True love is a creative process.

Lie: Romantic infatuation should be a constant state.

Truth: A relationship must go through 4 essential phases, which includes some kind of challenge to the bond itself, in order to grow our capacity to receive the real blessings in it. These phases repeat as we grow and are often misinterpreted as having 'fallen out of love.'

Lie: Only new romance is exciting and fulfilling. Love is about getting lost in the moment. Marriage is dull and mundane.

Truth: New romance, and getting lost in someone else, these are not accurate measures of love.

Lie: Public displays of affection, and how you appear to the outside world, are indicators of real love.

Truth: Love between two souls is not measured by public display, But ultimately, what happens behind closed doors matters the most.

Lie: Drama and escalated arguing is normal, even with frequent break ups and reunions.

Truth: While fights and conflict are essential for authentic love and growth, High drama can be a significant distraction to doing the real work for love to grow.

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