3 suspects under arrest in connection to Fenton homicide

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FENTON, MO – Major Case Squad detectives have been questioning three men in connection with a Wednesday morning murder in the Fenton area.

Alice Hillis saw all the police activity near her home, “It makes us a little anxious because a this is a neighborhood where things like that don’t happen but it can happen anywhere.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was called to the Chancellor Farm Mobile Home Park Wednesday morning.  26-year-old Ramone Thomas was murdered there, although he did not live in the mobile home park. He was from St. Louis. Evidence markers covered the ground outside the residence. A window was smashed.  Authorities believe this was an isolated incident that the people involved had some sort of connection.

Captain Gary Higgnbotham is commander of the Major Case Squad, “We think there was an interrupted burglary in progress it’s still kind open of open as to who done it.”

He said Ramone Thomas was killed by at least one gun shot.

Bill Hillis was happy to see so many law enforcement officers in the area, “It’s just good to know that cops are looking police are looking.”

A search began for three men all believed to be on foot. One was quickly apprehended at Ron Road and Saline a few miles from the homicide scene. Minutes later in another trailer park two men were spotted. Jim Asher saw what happened next, “I saw these two African-American gentlemen crossing the street running I thought what’s going on all of sudden I looked and here comes the Jefferson County, state patrol officer and another gentleman a police officer and they have a dog chasing them.”

One of the two was apprehended, the other man ran into the woods. More than 30 law enforcement officers scoured the rough terrain. Police and a National Guard choppers searched from overhead. Five canine units arrived on the scene to track the man. Late Wednesday afternoon the third man was rounded up near the original crime scene. Folks in the area have been on edge much of the day. Asher added, “It kind of startled me I was like wow this is crazy.”

Ramone Thomas was known to police, they said he had a criminal history. Police hope to soon file charges against the men who were arrested. ​