Abandoned dog with 6-pound tumor gets second chance

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CINCINNATI, OH – A dog is recovering after having a massive tumor removed. The shelter says that the dog’s owner dropped ‘Clyde’ off and told employees to euthanize him. Employees saved the dog and helped get the 6 pound tumor removed. It was weighing the puppy down.

The shelter posted this message to Facebook Monday after receiving the dog:

“Explain to me how someone can watch this baby run around dragging this huge mess everyday. Then wait till he’s so much in pain and that mess is bleeding and dump him at a shelter and say kill him. I hate people. This owner truly deserves to never be allowed to own another animal. This dog is a 1 year old shepherd/husky mix. He is adorable and he needs vet care NOW!”

WLWT-TV reports that Clyde is now recovering from surgery at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter. Doctors say the tumor has been growing for the past six months, half the dog’s life.

Doctors plan on doing a biopsy on the mass. Clyde’s treatment could include chemotherapy if they find cancer. Eventually he will be up for adoption.
Donations for medical expenses can be made here.